4G Wireless: The Ideal Technology for College Students


The student sits in class, taking copious notes for her upcoming Anthropology research project. As the bell chimes, the student grabs her bag as she runs to catch the half-hour bus ride to the nearby city for her internship at the law firm. In between her internship and sorority meeting, she is meeting a friend for dinner. This busy schedule leaves little room for flexibility and she is always scrambled for time; however, with her smart phone and 4G wireless internet service ready at hand, she is able to make her busy life at least a little more convenient.

Having a reliable, high speed internet connection can prove to be life-saver for busy students, juggling coursework, employment, internships, and whatever semblance of a social life the student may still have. The 4G internet can provide the student with the necessary tools to make all the things that she need to finish by bedtime slightly more convenient. While waiting during her commute, she can pull out her laptop computer to conduct some research for her upcoming project. Unlike the 3G network, the improved mobile internet connection enables it users to access the worldwide web via both smart phone and laptop computer. By simply inserting your mobile air card into your computer, you can log onto the internet wherever you may be-even if you are on-the-move while sitting on the bus. The half-hour she would have previously wasted by simply sitting on the bus can be spent productively doing her schoolwork.

Moreover, having a high speed mobile internet connection can be a great way to relieve some stress through some mobile entertainment. Because the data transfer speeds are improved upon, operating a faster data transfer speed than the 3G network, users can stream videos much faster and more efficiently, allowing them to watch entire television shows directly on their phone or laptop computers. Thus, no longer do you need to waste your time on the bus or in line, you can simply pull out your phone and watch the latest episode of your favorite show. Again, this capability proves ideal for students. Given that most college students do not subscribe to cable services, they often rely on the internet for their entertainment. They often surf the web, log onto their social media networks, and even watch some television or movies on the internet. Thus, having this connection on their smart phones to enjoy some television is no different.

Lastly, the 4G wireless service also provides its users with a reliable internet connection so that mobile video chatting is possible. Students living away from home can often get homesick, particularly if it is their first year away from home. Phone calls enable them to keep in contact with their family; however, being able to interact face-to-face even if it is not in person can be just the thing to keep them going during a particularly difficult day. Video chatting can be done on their computers in the dormitory; however, given the business of their schedules and depending on the situation, the time difference, it can be difficult to set aside an allotted time to chat with parents and siblings. Thus, having a mobile internet connection proves convenient. Students can still chat with their family members even if they are not at home-during the twenty minute breaks between class, while walking back home, or even when sitting on the bus.

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