4 Tips of Passing Your CNA Certification Test


So you’ve wanted to become a certified nurse assistant for quite some time now and it’s actually become a dream of yours to pass with flying colors and gain that certificate without having to repeat the test. Well, if there’s a will, there’s a way. Exams are right about the corner now and all your nerves and butterflies are playing around in your stomach, right? Shove them away and use these 4 good tips to pass your CNA certification test and you’ll be glad you did.

First of all, keep procrastination an enemy and don’t fall for it; ever. If there’s one thing you can do, it is to always get your work done as soon as you get it and to always study ahead of time. Remember, your certificate doesn’t depend on the moment you sit down in front of your exam paper and start to think but it depends on all the weeks or months before that, the preparation period. So always study right after a lesson and refresh your studies over the weekend to stay on top of things.

Second, always be ahead of things. If you’re done studying the topic that’s currently being taught in class at the moment, don’t close your books and waste time but instead, give yourself a jump start to the next topic and learn that on your own. Not only would you be getting a head start but you would also find it easier to follow lessons in class when you’ve studied it already. In addition to that, you would also have more time to do practice test and revisions as well.

Thirdly, don’t just stick to the textbooks and read it cover to cover but get yourself to the library or surf the internet and find out everything you can about the subject. It’s always wise to know more, do more and learn more rather than to just limit yourself to the textbooks.

Last of all, practice makes perfect so get yourself some practice test and do them repeatedly and keep doing more and more until you get perfect scores. Only then will you be truly ready for your CNA certification test and will pass it with confidence too.

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