3D Animation Colleges in Tamil Nadu on the Rise


Very few of the 3D Animation Institutes in Tamilnadu offer degree courses as most of them offer Diploma courses sharing no affiliation with any university or a larger educational organization. It is only since recent times that 3D Animation Colleges had started showing up in the State. The Film and Television industry in India is vast with a whole lot of them catering to so many vernacular languages.

India has about 29 recognized languages although the actual number of languages is almost close to a thousand. The States in India are demarcated depending upon the language predominantly spoken in that particular region. Tamilnadu is a state where Tamil is the language spoken by majority of the people. With a population of 8 crore (80 million), the State’s movie industry is the second best industry after Bollywood in terms of reputation, popularity and commercial success.

Tamilnadu recently made its ‘One and a Half Billion Rupee’ ($34 million approximate) movie which happens to be the film made with the highest budget in India. It also netted more than Rs. 300 crore ($68 million approximate) within the first three weeks. What is significant or relevant about the movie to this article is that a lot of its budget was spent on Visual Effects, VFX, Animation and Animatronics. Well before a decade and a half, Tamil movies had started using VFX and Animation.

The Television industry of the State is not also far behind in using 3D Animation and Graphics for the programs, title cards and other effects. Though the demand for qualified professionals is high, the education industry has not much capitalized on the developments. However, a few of the Animation Colleges and Institutes have come up to offer Graduation and Diploma courses. Most of the neighboring countries like Bhutan, Nepal and Srilanka find Tamilnadu as a suitable destination for advanced education.

Hence, a new subject as 3D Animation is offered in Tamilnadu as both Graduation and Diploma courses. Now, students have some options to choose from in 3D Animation studies unlike what it was before a decade.

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