3 Wise Ways for Surviving Finals and Enjoying the Holidays


Ever feel fuzzy headed, confused, sluggish, have a word or name right on the tip of your tongue? Do you find yourself forgetting the name of a street or person when you need it? Especially when taking exams or attending holiday gatherings being able to recall the information you want is a great gift! Several factors can contribute to “brain fog” and symptoms associated with reduced mental abilities.

When neck and shoulder muscles are tense (or straps from heavy backpacks, briefcases and satchels constrict), circulation to the brain can be impaired. In order for vital nutrients and oxygen to nourish the brain and for toxins to be removed from the brain, the blood, lymph and cranio-sacral fluid all need to pass through the neck on their way to the head.

Processed foods including additives, dyes and preservatives that negatively influence metabolism.

Both Sugar and many of the ‘no calorie’ sweetner substitutes have been shown to damage cellular health by reducing the amount of oxygen available for physiological functions.

Beyond the physical importance of posture and nutrition, humans have a biofield – a field of energy that surrounds and communicates with the physical body. Our nervous system communicates using electrical impulses. These frequencies are often referred to as “electro-magnetic” because magnetic fields exist at 90 degrees to an electrical current and vice versa. Electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs) have become an integral part of human life in the past 150 years.

Since the electric light bulb, the human sleep pattern has dramatically altered. Without adequate sleep – both in quantity and quality – the brain is not able to self-correct and monitor bodily functions optimally. In addition to man-made electricity, technology has provided “wireless” devices from radio and sonar to celluar telecommunications. All these signals fly through the air in the same way our body sends signals to itself. Is it any wonder we are experiencing symptoms of “crossed signals” or “information overload”.

Since most of us aren’t going to move out from under the wireless networks, here are some techniques that are proving beneficial in restoring energetic balance so the brain can communicate with the body as efficiently as possible:


Essential oils have been valued for thousands of years for their medicinal properties. Therapeutic grade essential oils (safe for ingestion), cross the blood brain barrier and help repair cellular communication.

Peppermint oil has been documented to ease digestion (one of the first areas affected by stress and important to overall health because 80% of neurotransmitters are produced in your gut). Students given peppermints before exams increased their test scores. The oil is also credited with reducing headaches when applied topically (strong oil concentrates may need to be diluted with a carrier oil such as olive).


Unrolling the outer cartilage of the upper ear has been shown to increase memory function both during learning when facts are being inputted and when recall is needed. Try it. Next time you forget a word or name, reach up and rub the outer portion of your upper ear, unroll the cartilage as if you are flattening the flesh that usually has a natural curve toward the inner ear. See if the word or fact your are looking for “pops” into your awareness. Students in the nursing program at Oklahoma University have reported that this method has improved their ability to learn anatomy and improved their ability to recall the information for exams.


Teachers across North America report improvement with autistic behaviors as well as children formerly diagnosed with ADD/ADHD characteristics when regularly practicing a technique known as Super Brain Yoga. Special Ed students have been able to assimilate in regular classrooms using this simple exercise which combines pulling on the ear lobes, deep knee bends and breathing exercises. A 4-minute introduction video including an interview with a Yale Neurobiologist who performs the routine daily can be found on the blog on
http://energyhealingtouch.blogspot.com/2010/11/energy-healing-touch-begins-with.html”>energy healing touch.

Stress reactions are necessary and important feedback functions that assist the body with regulation. Chronic and sustained stress ceases to be productive. This time of year make the most of your final exams and your holiday celebrations by checking out these quick brain boosters.

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