3 Tips For Study Habit Success


Getting into a good routine of studying will be beneficial to your long term success at achieving your qualifications. At first it may seem hard to get ‘into’ this process as this will require daily self management on your part. But through commitment, goal setting and determination you can become successful. This article will look at the following tips for study habit success.

Be prepared

Form or join a study group

Attend all your classes

At the beginning of each semester check your time table on a regular basis until you are familiar with your time, topic and classes. Make sure you have the correct books, study guides, readings, pen and paper ready for your lectures. Look at the topic, set time aside to complete the readings before hand. This is good practice so you are fully informed of what your lecturer will be speaking on. Being prepared mentally will bring peace and calmness as well.

Get to know the other students in your classes. Start up a study group or join an existing one. You will reap many rewards begin in a study group. Choose a study buddy that you are comfortable with. This will encourage both of you to keep on task. Social interaction getting to know others and making new friends are all part and parcel of a group. Bouncing ideas off other people will give you another perspective on the topic. Then there is the combined efforts of helping each other through the assignments.

Always attend your classes. This can be a very effective way to receive all the information you need to support your learning. Hearing the information first hand from your lecturer is more effective then from word of mouth or from someone else. Being at every class means you will not miss any thing that is important or vital to your success.

Get into the habit of studying on a daily basis, go prepared, go to study group sessions and attend all your classes. This will equip you for those up and coming assignments and examinations.


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