3 Reasons Why You’re More Qualified Than 97% of the World For an Entry Level Job in America


Disclaimer: I could have made this post a lot longer, but if you are reading this it probably means you are in school, hence you don’t really have the time (or attention span) to read more.

  1. Your Youth
  2. Your Accent
  3. Your Degree


How many times have you had to show your parents how to do something extremely simple regarding technology: iTunes, setting up the DVR, texting…honestly I could have written the entire post about this. A few months ago I went out to lunch with a guy named Greg Mischio who is a freelance copywriter. I think he phrased it best when he said “Chris, they’re scared to death of it.” He was referring to old school business guys and social media marketing, but the assertion can be applied to anything that has been invented after the CD.

Our generation works smarter, faster, and more efficient than the old timers. What’s worse is that they know it. The next time you go into an interview turn it into a talk about technology, they’re always curious about the next cool thing that the kids are using. Also, remember that the guy interviewing you probably has kids himself who have to show him how to use the remote and sync music.


“When you talk it sounds like I am in a movie” – A girl from London I met at a hostel in South America.

From a global perspective, having an American accent is invaluable. Speaking English is one thing, speaking fluent American English is quite another. It is little things like these that you probably take for granted. English is far and away the most complicated language in the world. According to the most recent unabridged Oxford English Dictionary, there are currently 600,000 words in the English, with more being added every year. The next most complicated language is German, which is a distant second with 130,000 words.


According to the U.S. Census, only 27% of Americans earn a 4 year degree while 52% have some college education. The current population is 307 million. Just get a degree, it won’t matter what it is for 10 years down the road either…especially for
http://christophercarlton.com/”>undergraduates. I am a firm believer that the only thing your degree is good for is either your first job out of college or the ability to go to graduate school. My friend’s dad owns a successful company and he says when he hires people, he views a degree as someone’s ability to finish what they started. Nothing more, nothing less.

Chris Carlton [http://christophercarlton.com/] is a blogger and a graduating student at University at Wisconsin – Whitewater taking up double major in Management and Marketing. His blog, Advantageous, is for students who loves to learn but hate school.


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