12 Ways Not to Choose Your College Or University


You have received your envelopes, and it’s time to make that final decision about where you will enroll in college. How do you choose? Here are 12 ways not to choose your college or university.

Don’t Choose a College or University Because:

1. Your boyfriend or girlfriend is going there.

2. Your friends are going there.

3. The tuition is low.

4. Because of its party-hearty reputation.

5. The college brochure or university guidebook showed all these fun students sitting under trees.

6. A computer college matching program said this was your best choice. (Although these can be very helpful in narrowing your choices, you need to make the final decision.)

7. You visited just that campus and didn’t want to look elsewhere.

8. It’s located in your city or state and you didn’t consider other locations, even though you could have.

9. It’s the one college you and your parents have heard of.

10. You know you’ll be accepted there.

11. Because of its prestige.

12. It has the academic program you’re looking for, so the campus atmosphere doesn’t really matter.

Successful selection of an ideal college for the student can be achieved through proper research. This research should be centered using the following twenty factors to determine which of those factors are most important to the student and family:

1. Location

2. Size

3. Athletic Programs

4. Talent Programs

5. Special Programs

TIP: Small independent colleges are likely to review your entire application, while larger public institutions are more likely to look just at numbers like GPA, and test scores. Not so. Many institutions, large and small, public and private, use complex, multi-step procedures for evaluating applicants. The process tends to be more complex for more selective colleges.

Nancy Ziering is a Certified College Planning Specialist and is the President of
http://www.college-retirement.com”>http://www.college-retirement.com. Her company is a private consulting firm that helps families and students with college planning, college admissions, FAFSA financial aid, funding and consulting services.


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