10 Top Awesome Locations to Be a Sonographer


Throughout the United States, there are top locations for a sonography career. If you are going to work as a sonographer, it’s important to know where the best opportunities lie. There are 10 awesome locations to consider working – and they all make it on the list for different reasons.

1. California

You can pick almost anywhere in California and have it work to your advantage. The state is the #1 in the country according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for being both the top paying state and the highest employee level state for diagnostic medical sonographers. This means that by choosing to work in the state, you will earn a high salary and be able to find work relatively easily.

2. Orlando, FL

Aside from being close to so many theme parks, you can take advantage of sonography career growth in the US in sunny Florida. Winnie Palmer is one of the best birthing hospitals in the country and a new “Medical City” is being built in Lake Nona. The state is also known for having a high employment level.

3. Memphis, TN

Memphis has recently been listed as being the top state for producing babies. When you look at your career as a sonographer, you are likely going to be working with OBGYNs more than any other doctor. If you love looking at the fetus, then Memphis will give you more opportunities to do this.

4. Ogden, UT

Ogden, UT is #2 on the list for producing babies. The other reason that Utah should be considered one of the top locations for a sonography career is because of the high rate of pay that is offered throughout the state.

5. Oregon

Oregon features a lot of great weather throughout the year with no worry of hurricanes or earthquakes. It is also the #2 ranking state behind California for being one of the top paying states. While metropolitan cities like Portland will feature more opportunities, you can find work throughout the state.

6. New York City, NY

The Big Apple is on the radar for sonography career growth in the US. There are many hospitals throughout the city that are using state-of-the art equipment as well.

7. Boston, MA

Many big hospitals are found in Boston and many of them are research hospitals. As new technology is explored throughout the sonography industry, you will be able to stay on the forefront of all new techniques.

8. Seattle, WA

Aside from being able to act out your own version of Grey’s Anatomy, Seattle makes it on the list because it is #3 for being of the top paying states around the country. There are also many hospitals in this Pacific Northwestern state that are research-driven.

9. Honolulu, HI

What could be better than working so close to the surf and sand on a regular basis? Sonographers are often in high demand around the island and much of this has to do with the fact that there are not a lot of sonography schools in the state.

10. Sioux Falls, SD

While South Dakota may not be known for a lot of medical advances, it is the state that shows a significant amount of sonography career growth in the US. It has the highest concentration of sonography jobs of all 50 states – and Sioux Falls is the largest city within the state.

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